Our Health is our True Wealth!

   Our ability to enjoy life depends on your physical health. If your body is not in homeostasis, it can affect your mental wellness. That, in turn, can affect your physical health adversely.
   All of our bodily systems need to work in sync with each other. By making sure that we are exercising and putting good nutritious foods in our body will help to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Proper nutrition will keep our cells strong and healthy, and exercise will keep us fit and functional. 
   An added bonus is that doing both will also slow the aging process of our DNA.
Our physical age will be less than our chronological age.
That's something to look forward to!

   Since our bodies are approximately 75% water we need to keep them hydrated so our cells can do the work they need to do to stay healthy. 
   Don't wait till you're very thirsty to drink water. Being dehydrated can cause a loss in cognitive function,  a change in mood and energy levels. In severe cases, it can cause death.

                           Drink water throughout the day!

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