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Our Mission

Extending and improving the quality of peoples' lives through exercise and proper Nutrition since 1989.
All it takes is a commitment to yourself, to invest the time in your greatest asset-You!

Dennis Berry

Nutrition & Exercise Specialist

   Dennis Berry has been a Personal Trainer since 1989 and is one of the first Trainers in the country to become a Clinical Exercise Specialist.
   Dennis is qualified to work directly with Physicians and Physical Therapists, for ongoing rehabilitation.
Dennis is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and  Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.

   The book was designed to help Personal Trainers to navigate through the process of obtaining and keeping clients, by using the recommendations in the book. It relates also to the much-needed understanding of peoples' hopes and fears, and how to help the Trainers understand those aspects, and to help their clients to reach their personal goals.
   The book is also an excellent resource for people who are looking to hire a Personal Trainer, enabling them to know the qualities to look for, of the Personal Trainer or Professional Athletic Conditioning Coach they hire.
(The book is short and concise. It can be read in less than a half-hour.)

A portion of the sales of the book will be donated to the Non- Profit: Health Education And Literacy, (Healthedandlit.org) to aid them in their endeavor to "Beat Diabetes. "

My Bio and Experience

Health & Wellness Specialist
Nutrition Specialist
Senior Fitness Specialist
Personal Trainer Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Clinical Exercise Specialist
Medical Exercise Specialist
Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
Diabetes Prevention Specialist
Sports Performance Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant

The Facilities

The Facilities contain specialized Professional Strength and Fitness Equipment.
The equipment adapts to your individual requirements.
The result is a workout that maximizes your ability to execute movements correctly  and safely.
Each person is provided with Private Coaching, Body-Fat Analysis and Nutritional Guidance.
Through the proper guidance of Exercise and Proper Nutrition, you can reach your goals in less time.

                   Below are pictures of our two Private Studios

              Back of Gym

               Front of Gym


            Health Products 

          Entrance View

         Abs & Dumbells

             Total Gyms

            BenchPress & Cardio

  Medicine Balls & weights 

     Boxing & HIIT Trainer 

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Joe doing Bar Curls

Ryan doing Tricep Press-Downs.

Nicole doing Seated Rows.

Alonzo using the Iron Chest Master.

Connie and Amanda doing decline Shoulder Presses on Total Gyms.

Dennis Doing Tricep Press-downs using the Rope.

Bob and Kyle doing 21 Curls with Tubing.

Rich doing Shoulder Lateral Raises on the Cable machine.

Connie doing Chest Flys on the Cable Machine.

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