About Dennis Berry


  Dennis Berry has been a Personal Trainer since 1989, and is one of first trainers in the country to become a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist.

  Dennis is an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and is qualified to work directly with Physicians and Physical Therapists, for ongoing rehabilitation.

  He is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.
   Dennis will design a fitness routine specifically for your goals, and work with you on every exercise to maximize effectiveness. He will continually set short and long term goals, and fine tune your workouts to your changing ability.
   He will also help you stay motivated to achieve a safe and balanced fitness program, for the results you want.

   “ Exercise and Nutrition go hand in hand. What we eat is just as important as how often we exercise. The results you attain will be directly related to your diet as well as your exercise program.”

   Dennis will help you make the right food choices to better affect your health, and to help you attain your personal goals that much sooner.


 A.C.E.- Clinical Exercise Specialist                                L.M.A. - Nutrition Specialist
A.C.E.- Orthopedic Exercise Specialist                           A.F.A.A.- Personal Trainer 
A.C.E.- Personal Trainer                                                 Universal-Personal Trainer
I.S.S.A.- Personal Trainer                                                A.P.I.- Personal Trainer
A.A.A.I./I.A.S.M.- Personal Trainer                               Gravity- Personal Trainer                       
  A.C.E. - Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant

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